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A Perfect Fall Getaway

Central Oregon is one of the top destinations in the United States for outdoor adventures. In early fall, you can still enjoy water activities, hiking, golf and cycling as the weather begins to cool down a bit. 

Whidbey Island

One of the highlights of this area is the Deception Pass bridge. It is a very scenic drive and one of the most iconic in Washington. Once you cross the bridge, take time to stop at Deception Pass State Park.

With the soft bounce, only Delta Air Lines has continued to block middle seats through April. It would not comment on an extension. (Alaska Airlines is keeping middle seats open in its Premium Class through May 31).

  • Don't Always Reach For Your Super-Wide Angle Lens
  • Shift Shooting Angles Often
  • Protect Yourself Legally


Next head to the darling town of Coupeville, and make it your base for a day or two. Stay at the Fort Casey Inn in the historic quarters, which were built for Army officers before World War I. 

The biggest thing you can do to make your architecture photos stand out is to strive to make visually compelling images


During the pandemic, most airlines eliminated their cancellation and change fees (though Southwest never charged them), but the rules are changing for some of the cheapest fares.

Make sure to have brunch at the First and Union Kitchen, which also has a great bakery onsite. The food is Pacific Northwest style, and you will usually find wild edible mushrooms foraged from local forests. Grab some bakery treats for snacks on your road trip. 

Passengers will still be masking between bites

Move over, Biscoff cookies. Chicken wraps and Coca-Cola are poised to make a comeback. During the pandemic, many airlines reduced or eliminated food service, but this summer, Frontier Airlines plans to resume food sales. United said it will adjust its policies in the coming weeks. Southwest plans to add soft drinks in addition to cups of water with its snacks. Delta implemented a new touchless paying system on March 16 for onboard sales, currently limited to earbuds, but expected to expand to food and drink.

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