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Fall Is Here and It’s Time to Upgrade Your Sock Drawer

Dainty fine ribbed silk socks are a chic way to accessorize for minimalists, while more abstract patterns and color-block styles will be sure to satisfy more dialed-in accessory heads.

The skies will be busier, the planes fuller

While typical dry shampoo sprays and powders can by drying and dull your hair’s shine, this cream-to-powder formula absorbs oil, sweat and other product build-up while maintaining moisture, shine and manageability, all without leaving any weird residue behind. It’s a gym bag no-brainer.

With the soft bounce, only Delta Air Lines has continued to block middle seats through April. It would not comment on an extension. (Alaska Airlines is keeping middle seats open in its Premium Class through May 31).

  • Nars Unwrapped Velvet Matte Pencil Duo
  • Tatcha Limited Edition The Kissu Lip Mask
  • Protect Yourself Legally

Everist Waterless Body Wash Concentrate

While anxiety may creep up at the thought of leaving all of your other makeup palettes behind, we swear this gorgeous compact is a one-stop shop, perfectly suited to an overnighter or fuss-free weekend away.

The biggest thing you can do to make your architecture photos stand out is to strive to make visually compelling images

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Collection

During the pandemic, most airlines eliminated their cancellation and change fees (though Southwest never charged them), but the rules are changing for some of the cheapest fares.

By April, basic economy tickets at American and Delta will become nonrefundable and non-changeable, as they were before the pandemic. United said it hasn’t decided whether to extend the waiver on basic fares past March 31. Beginning April 1, JetBlue passengers buying the carrier’s basic fare will be subject to change and cancellation fees.

Passengers will still be masking between bites

Building a curly hair routine for your hair type and curl pattern is an art form that’s usually achieved via trial and error, and can take months (if not years) to perfect. Or so we once thought. This all-in-one palette is a must-have among beauty-philes for its expertly coordinated shades, finishes and pan sizes that promise the perfect “five-minute face.” Sunset Dreamscape is the just-launched colourway which features warm, rich shades that practically scream autumnal fantasy (apple picking, anyone?)


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I love it very much


Quite good! Voted


Good choice!



  • Comfortable
  • Nice Color
  • Cheap Price


  • Not warm
  • Skinny
  • Nothing else

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